Supply of Artwork


The studio staff at Colourfoil are skilled in handling your product from start to finish and can cater for all your artworking requirements to ensure satisfaction. To help us produce the right results for you, the following guide lines should be used when preparing your artworks: -

  • First class artwork is essential to get the best results. The quality of the die produced is very much dependant on the quality of the original artwork supplied. Please ensure that the image to be used is of a high quality and resolution. A minimum of 1200dpi is recommended.
  • Artwork is preferred in digital format. We can accept hardcopy if nessecary, however please note that the results may not be as good as for a digital artwork.
  • Files to be supplied at 100% of reproductive size will be needed. Please indicate right or wrong reading. Tints and screens should be 100% black fill. Remember, only solids can be reproduced in hot foil, halftone tints will not be successful.
  • Images should be clean and crisp. Fine detail can be lost in reproduction so a minimum single line width of 0.1mm is recommended for brass or copper (0.2mm for magnesium). The minimum reproducible gap between lines for brass is 0.2mm.

Digital Files

We recommend using PDF sending artworks digitally as this is the most reliable for accurate sizing and font rendering. We can also take JPEG, TIFF* and EPS. If supplying PDF files we would recommend that these be produced with Libre Office draw or Open Office draw. Adobe acrobat, photoshop or illustrator can also produce suitable files. We do not accept word documents since it cannot be guaranteed that the results will be accurate. If you have a word document please export it as PDF before submitting for production.

Digital files for engraving will should be 100% black and white line art. Greyscale, CMYK or RGB may not be suitable. If you have any difficulty with the above, please call us for any advice or assistance.

Always convert text to outline or ensure that fonts are made available when supplying artwork for proofing.

* When saving files in TIFF format, you should use 1200dpi bitmap (1 bit indexed) with LZW compression as this is loss-free and greatly reduces the file size.

Sending Your Artwork

For direct-to-plate convenience, email your artwork to...

Use LibreOffice  Use