Brass Typefaces - Cyrillic

We have a range of Cyrillic fonts available for brass type manufacture in point sizes 18 to 96. The sample below shows only letters, however we have symbols and special characters available, details available on request. We can, of course, also supply standard arabic numurals with any font.

Typeface Name** Sample Letters
Free SansFree Sans
Free Sans BoldFree Sans Bold
Free SerifFree Serif
Free Serif BoldFree Serif Bold
Rockwell BoldRockwell Bold
Gothic EGothic E
Gothic E BoldGothic E Bold
Gothic GGothic G
Gothic G BoldGothic G Bold
Gothic IGothic I
Gothic I BoldGothic I Bold

Set Composition

This is our standard set composition for Cyrillic upper or lower case letters but if you require a different quantity, please contact us to discuss.

117 Piece Set8352491228245471235563111211132112
150 Piece Set94635102339356581346674222322243223

Sets of numbers and symbols can be supplied if ordered with one or more sets of letters. Standard composition for numbers and symbols sets are as follows but these also can be customized.

31 Piece Set22222222221132211
42 Piece Set33333333331142211

Other characters available including Russian or Ukrainian variants.
Some fonts may require body size larger than the font size to accommodate accents.

Please contact us to discuss composition, sizing requirements and price. All Cyrillic font orders are quoted individually.