Brass Typefaces - Hebrew

We have a range of Hebrew fonts available for brass type manufacture. The standard sets we make for these contain only the standarad 27 Hebrew letters (see composition table below) however the fonts do contain other symbols. If you require other symols like ligatures / geresh etc. then let us know so that we can check if they exist in the particular typeface. Some fonts have ascii numurals and symbols made up in the same style, if required we can supply these as part of a custom composition set.

** Sample LettersTypeface Name
David Bold
Droid Sans
Droid Sans Bold
Frank Ruehl
Frank Ruehl Bold
Free Sans
Free Sans Bold
Free Serif
Free Serif Bold
Hadasim Bold
Keter YG
Keter YG Bold
Miriam Bold
Shofar Bold
Simple Bold
Square BenKosba
Square Bet-Shearim*
Square Isaiah*
Stam Ashkenaz*
Stam Sefarad*

* The tall ascender on the letter lamed and the long descenders on the finals mean that these fonts need a very large body size.
** Other symbols available, please enquire.

Set Compositions

These are our standard set compositions for Hebrew type but if you require a different quantity, please contact us to discuss.

4454443454424344474441054445117 Piece Set
5565554565535455585551165556144 Piece Set
6676665676646566696661276667171 Piece Set

Hebrew Brass Type Sizing

  • The grey box represents the actual metal body height h of the brass pieces.
  • Red lines show height of central section of characters h1, not including ascenders or descenders. This will typically be the height of the letter kaf measured across the flats of the lines (not including serifs).
  • A font size can be specified by body size (h) in points or millimetres the same as any other typeface. However most customers prefer to specify h1 and let us work out what body size that will fit onto.
  • 1 point = 1/72" = 0.01387" = 0.353mm

Please contact us to discuss sizing requirements and price. All Hebrew font orders are quoted individually due to their specialized size and composition requirements.