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Hand Letters

Hand LettersHand Letters Box

Marshall hand letters are made in all the type styles and sizes defined in the brass type catalogue and are supplied wood boxed with a sliding lid. A boxed set of handletters consists of 40 tools, 26 capital letters, figures 0-9, full stop, comma, ampersand, OE and AE.
Any other punctuation can be supplied, all items can be ordered singly.

Electric finishing Stove

Electric finishing Stove

The stove has a 6" heater plate and a simmerstat control. 240V AC, 1,000W.
There is a 12" diameter tool carrier ring with 36 tool positions.

Type Holders

Style E Type HolderStyle E.


Not suitable for type smaller than 10pt.

This tool makes side spacing unnecessary because both jaws are broght together in the centre by turning the right-hand screw.
Available in 4" width only.

Style E Type HolderStyle F.


Adjustable, for all point sizes up to 30pt.
Available in 2",3" and 4" widths.

Tool Designs

The tool designs available are shown in the following pages. Each link will take you to a tiff image which is A4 in size and is ideal for creating a hardcopy of the design for reference. Most versions of microsoft windows should be capable of viewing / printing the tiff images with the viewer which is installed as standard. We have found, however, that some users are having difficulty viewing the tiff images so we have added a png link, for each page, as an alternative.

Decorative Wheels and Pallets

Fillet Wheels and Pallets

Hand Tools

Finishing Tools

Finishing Tools

Hand letters, hand tools, corner tools, pallets and gouges fitted with wood handles, decorative wheels and fillets complete with carrier and wood handle, are manufactured to the same standards as our brass type. They are available to all designs in this catalogue. Pallets can be made to decorative wheel and fillet designs. Handle letters come complete in a wooden box with a sliding lid.

Your own designs can be made to order if required.

Hand Finishing Tools


(Please quote X and the number when ordering)

Pattern X80 Pattern X81 Pattern X82 Pattern X83 Pattern X84 Pattern X85 Pattern X86
Pattern X87 Pattern X88 Pattern X89