432 Grade Foil - Shades

178 010 073 180 206 021
Mocha Paprika Orange
Cranberry Flint Grey Blackout
018 001 171 203 005 012
Cotton Cobalt Denim Indigo Grass Safety

432 Grade Foil - Specification


The 432 series is an established foil range specifically developed for labelling and graphic applications. Whilst benefiting from their long heritage as industry standards, 432 is continually reviewed against the rapidly changing needs of the foil stamping market.


Properties Overview

Foil Specification

Ink   Carrier
Type: matt pigment   Material: polyester
Colour: see shade guide above.   Gauge: 12 micron

Printing Properties

Paper/Board: Coated, Uncoated,
Pre-printed, Varnished
  Plastics: Acetate, Acrylic, ABS, SAN, PET,
Polystyrene, Nylon,
PVC (rigid & flexible),
Polycarbonate, Polypropylene,
Polyethylene (HD & LD),
Ink Printed & Coated Packaging,
Leather: Real, Imitation (coated),

Temperature (die face):   100 - 150 °C

Note: These are nominal die face temperature ranges, dependent on the type of machine and the specific nature of the application.

Resistance Properties

Certain shades have a tendency to smear when rubbed, therefore over lamination may be recommended for certain applications.


Storage Conditions:   Shelf Life:
5-25C (~40-75F),
20-60% Relative Humidity
Cool & Dry, without direct sunlight
  12 months (at specified storage conditions)

Disposal Instructions

In bulk with approval of local authority, otherwise normal domestic routes.


Compliant with EN71 (Part 3)

Manufactured in accordance with BS EN ISO 14001

The information contained in this data sheet is believed to be reliable, but the suitability of the products must be judged by the individual user. These specifications may be subject to change without notification or obligation. No warranty or liability for results obtained is expressed or implied.