Introducing the New
Marshall Album Master EXT !!

Marshall Album Master Stamping Machine


  • Vertical Foil Stamping Machine 2 ton class
  • Alumag casting with powder coat blue enamel finish
  • Chrome and Nickel plate appointments
  • Solid State Digital heat control /thermal couple with LED read out / fast heat up
  • Ships Fully Assembled


Working Surface:14"x 14" cast aluminum platform with justification grid system
Second Surface:6" x 9" steel platform with xy axis justification
Throat Depth:9 inches (center printing on an 18 inch vertical field)
Typeholder:2" x 9" "Hands Free" Tilt up Self Centering.
Holds any size type and dies in same holder
0 - 90 degree movable printing position
Imprint Area:18 square inches
Applications:Deboss, Gold Stamp, Foil Stamp (any color), Color Filled Deboss
Head ClearanceEZ Glide tm Adjustable top head 0-9 inches from Surface Plate to type head.
Head FeatureTandum vertical over arm riser bars increases strength and decreases flex
Precision Fixtures: Multi feature Right Angle Gauge. Smooth, Sturdy, Precise. Quickly squares, centers and stabilizes your product.
Weight:72 lbs
Height:21.5 inches closed 29.5 vertically extended
Width:14 inches (without 14 x 14 platform 9 inches)
Depth/Length17 inches

No other machine can match the benefits and features of an Album Master for Albums, Folders or Leather products! This machine is the first in a new series of machines, other models are available please call us for details of the full range.

Price List

Album Master Machine*
Digital heat control LED read out,
9 inch throat depth,
10 inch adjustable height with EZ Drive control,
Twin Column Support,
Contemporary Design & Powder Coat Finish
£ 2,073 $ 2,900
Shipping Price $ 90

Optional Accessories*
Multi Purpose Self Centering Type Holder
Largest Base Area with side extension and squaring attachments
Adjustable 14" x 14" Centering Base Plate
Measuring Dial & Gear for precise movement of the centering base plate
Adjustable Right Angle Fixture System
Fixtures for accurate placement of printing material
2 year additional parts warranty
(1st year no charge)

* All prices shown are exclusive of VAT or Sales Tax.

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